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GoBe fitness band claims it counts calories digested

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This gadget is called GoBe fitness band. If it works, it will be a much desired device for those people who try to lose weight or watch their weight with diet or exercise. This week, the GoBe fitness band is shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Healbe co-founder George Mikaberidze explains that it works by tracking GoBe wearer's eating habits using sensors on your skin.

I don't think if I would like to be that much "tracked" by sensors while eating and during the day. Just live a healthy lifestyle people! What do you think?

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Sounds kinda interesting, would love to try one out for a while and see how close it could be I think for most people even a 85% accurate would be close enough as most people are not prepared to count calories at all even when they want to lose weight, so better to have a rough idea than none at all. If I ate all that food he ate, I would be sick as a dog - wow not healthy food! Interesting article, only time will tell if this will take off and become a great weight loss product.


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