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Good morning! I'm reviewing "Stroke Numbers Up Worldwide" from MedPage Today for an article today. I will review this study and than shift towards stroke prevention for this article.


Friends help friends lose weight - Agricultural and Applied Economic Association’s 2013 annual meeting

Coffee and liver cancer fro Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Energy drink warning for women
The Dr. Oz Show

Tips for natural sinus relief (per Armen)
(Multiple sources)

Teresa, I had already done one not too long ago! http://www.emaxhealth.com/11406/8-natural-ways-treat-sinusitis-your-doctor-wont-tell-you-about

I'm sorry Tamar, I did not see your comment until just now (after my story was published yesterday per Armen's request)! While there may be some overlap, by and large my article was different in that I focused a lot more on home remedies for sinus and nasal congestion, including various "recipes" for all sorts of concoctions that have provided relief for folks suffering from stuffy noses and sinus problems.

Elevated blood sugar produces memory problems
journal Neurology

Corneal transplantation has high success rate and is cost effective.

Review Highlights Side Effects of Daily Aspirin Dosage-Bioscience Technology

New research that resveratrol does not undo exercise benefits
E -mail sent to me - published in Journal of Physiology

For tomorrow morning - EpiPens may not work on obese people.
American Journal of Emergency Medicine
(Since I'm a little behind, let me know if this has already been done)