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Hello Everyone, my name is Briel Garcia. I am live in San Bernardino, CA with two stepdaughters (6 and 8) and a baby girl on the way (currently 7 months), and I am covering

recipes and tips to lower your household expenses

Good morning everyone. I am writing about reasons to choose home birth and I plan to do a second article about remedies for morning sickness and heartburn!

I wrote about beast feeding toddlers and triandum breastfeeding (that's 3 kids at once)

Hello Team. Jen Scola is joining our team today. She did a story on home made play-doh and is working on a new story. She will introduce herself here little later. Have a blessed day and looking forward to your stories.

Hey everyone! I will be doing an article on my experience with baby-led weaning and hope to do a second article on the differences between traditional weaning and baby-led weaning

Hello All, I will be writing a piece on Carpel Tunnel during pregnancy and how to ease the affects

Sharing ideas on how a state at home mom can earn extra income and still be home with her children.

Hi everyone. Today I am going to write about why I love being a baseball mom, and how the love of the game has brought me and my son close together.

Writing about belief in God to combat type 2 diabetes