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Fun With Your Kids Has Serious Consequences - Learn Why Playing With Children Is Key To Healthy Development in Childhood

Good morning. I'm writing today about a new study linking an extract from broccoli with successful blood sugar management for people with type 2 diabetes

Is it chromium? I take a supplement with that in it that helps my blood sugar

Actually, no. This is a substance that is newly discovered for treatment of diabetes, called sulforaphane. Very interesting! Here's the link to the article if you want to read: https://www.emaxhealth.com/13737/study-finds-new-hope-broccoli-extract-could-treat-type-2-diabetes

I will be writing on lead in baby food and what you can do to help combat that

I am sharing a second post now...a recipe for healthy vegetarian pineapple fried rice. My entire family adores this stuff!

Posting for Sat. one on '101 Free Active Things To Do With the Kids During The Summer To Entertain You Both'. Thanks for all the other great articles and info.