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Editorial Review Process

eMaxHealth News, owned by Hareyan Publishing LLC, is an independent health news publication.

eMaxHealth publishes original and in-depth news stories written and produced by our news editors. However, we also accept research-based health news stories from doctors and health care professionals if they meet the following requirements to serve the highest quality breaking news to the readers.

Hareyan Publishing welcomes stories that are:

- Well researched, timely medical news stories
- Coverage of the latest medical discoveries
- Media analysis on recent health breakthroughs
- Information on the latest medial research and treatment options

Editorial Review Process
Hareyan Publishing LLC, in its editorial review process, is guided by three basic principles when accepting news stories and submissions for publication:

* Development efforts of the information must encompass diversity.

* The submission content must be quality focused and adhere to strict editorial policies.

* The quality improvement process must be open to public scrutiny to ensure that the terminology is truly useful within broad applications.

eMaxHealth News can closely work with authors for clarifications and revisions.

Code of Ethics

Hareyan Publishing LLC cooperates with professors and researchers in the field of Ethics and Bioethics to advice the publication when an ethical issue is revealed and to help to find the Moral Agent in a particular submission.

Hareyan Publishing LLC welcomes qualified ethicists and accept applications to be part of Board of Ethics at eMaxhealth.com.

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