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New study casts doubts on benefits of"good cholesterol" for heart patients
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working on the above

And again? Can you post your story source when you reserve here? Thank you so much - read this one already and it's very interesting... Thanks

Not a problem

And thanks for your compliment on my story, I appreciate it! :)

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Office germs (per Armen); embargoed until 5/23

working on the above

Jenny - Where is this study from? Is it new? Just wondering because in case it was covered in the past...

It is a new study, but let me dig a little further to make sure. Thanks

Study is from the New England Journal of Medicine, released today. I did not find any story on emax where the same thing was covered, so hopefully it is okay. But let me know if you find anything I looked over. Thanks, :)

For healthy eating dine in not out