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December 2020

There’s More to Keto Than Just Weight Loss

Keto benefits dieters more than just losing body fat.

Keto is one of the most popular diets today because many dieters swear by it as a weight loss method that actually works; however, there may be more to keto and other dieting methods than just losing weight. Here’s a reminder from Harvard Health that supports why men in particular should try a keto diet. Plus, personal experience on how adopting a nearly-keto lifestyle for 2 weeks resulted in 9 pounds of weight loss and other benefits.


Why Weight Loss Surgery for Teens Is Recommended: One Teen’s Story

Obese teens suffering from early disease onset of adult illnesses.

Weight loss surgery for teens sounds like a bad idea to most people. Here’s the latest on what one study found comparing surgical and non-surgical treatments of obese teens that includes one teen’s story and how weight loss surgery saved her life.


Test Drive Diet No. 4: Before Going on a Keto Diet

Cheesecake is a no-no for keto.

Thinking about going on the wildly popular ketogenic diet? You are not alone as many dieters swear by this fast weight loss dieting method. However, as you will soon learn, keto is not for everyone. Here’s how you can avoid setting yourself up for possible failure by learning the most basic information on what you need to know before attempting to start a keto diet.


Test Drive Diet No. 3: The High Protein Total Diet Replacement Diet

High protein dieting may increase metabolism says study.

Will adopting a high protein total diet replacement diet with a higher proportion of protein offer a metabolic advantage compared to a diet consisting of the same number of calories, but with less protein? Here’s the latest on what science has to say about High Protein Total Diet Replacement Diet dieting.


Test Drive Diet No. 2: The Blood Type Diet

Blood Type Diet explains why not all diets work for everyone.

Here’s the latest research news on a popular Dr. Oz-recommended diet that is based on the premise that feeding your body the right type of foods for your blood type will lead to weight loss. Discover what this blood type weight loss diet is all about, what foods to match with your blood type; and, what a new study has to say about Blood Type Dieting.