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November 2020

Chia Seeds, Goji Berries, Quinoa and Their Ilk for Weight Loss Might Not Be The Superfoods You Think They Are

Not all superfoods are safe.

Do you look for superfoods to help with weight loss as part of a healthy diet? A new study warns that superfoods like chia seeds, goji berries and quinoa and their ilk might not be the superfoods the food industry would have you believe.


Weight Loss Surgery Considerations You Need To Know Before Surgery

Weight loss surgery is not for everyone.

Will you be happy with the results of your weight loss surgery? Here’s the latest on weight loss surgery considerations you need to know about to determine if you are likely to become dissatisfied with your surgery or not, and how to take control of your post-surgery outcome.


Keto Carb Helps Women Lose Up To 11 Pounds Per Week

Glucomannan in noodles aids weight loss.

Carbs are the bane of a ketogenic diet. But did you know that there are some carbs that actually aid weight loss while on a keto diet? Woman’s World reports that when some women added a special Asian root to their diet, that they lost significant weight without changing their eating habits at all.


Wrinkle Study Shows 20 Percent Decrease in Wrinkles By Eating This Exotic Fruit

Asian fruit decreases facial wrinkles, says study.

A new study at UC Davis, California shows that eating a specific amount of one exotic fruit reduced wrinkles by over 20 percent. However, over-eating this same fruit results in more wrinkling of facial skin.


Holiday Keto: Eat, Drink, and Still Shrink, Keto Dieting Advice

New keto recipe book for the holidays.

Worried about whether you can celebrate Thanksgiving and eat your Keto too? Here is the latest about a new keto holiday dishes recipe book that provides creative ways to stay keto, but still have that taste of Thanksgiving you want.


Keto Dieting Mistake Many Dieters Make

Cardiologists point out biggest keto dieting mistake.

A new comprehensive review of today's two most popular fad diets—the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting—reveals what cardiologists believe is the dieting mistake we make while on these weight loss diets. In this article, we will take a look at what they found on how well (or not) a keto diet performs for cardiac health as well as losing weight.


Pain Relief for Shoulders and Hips Without Surgery, Reports New Study

Patients have a new treatment option for shoulder pain.

Pain in the shoulders and hips are among the most common complaints that lead to decreased activity and a decrease in quality of life. Here’s the latest on a new medical treatment that decreases pain and increases mobility at the same time.