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October 2020

Blue-Light Filtering Glasses Can Improve Performance During COVID

Blue-light from screens cause fatigue in employees.

Increased exposure to blue wavelengths due to increased screen time during COVID just might be affecting your performance. Here’s how blue-light filtering glasses and knowing when is the best time to wear them, might solve this problem.


List of Pre-Existing Conditions Putting You At Risk of Dying From COVID-19 Grows

More pre-existing conditions are COVID-19 risk factors for dying.

A systematic review and meta-analysis examining 11 co-existing conditions that pose a risk of death among COVID-19 patients provides some surprising numbers and risk factors as to who is more likely to die from COVID-19.


This Weight Loss Solution for COVID-19 Survival is On The Rise, Reports ABC News

Turning to weight loss surgery to beat COVID-19

Because having 3 of the 5 symptoms of metabolic syndrome greatly increases the risk of dying from COVID-19, weight loss doctors reported on ABC News recently that one particular weight loss tactic is on the rise.


Young People Who Die From COVID-19 Have This In Common With Older Adult Deaths

Younger generation dying from COVID-19 for same reasons as older generation.

A new study shows that more young people are actually dying from the coronavirus than commonly believed. Here is what the study reveals that young people who die from COVID-19 have in common with COVID-19 related deaths in older patients.