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October 2020

Study Measures Effectiveness Of Vacuum Bags As Face Mask Material

Multiple materials are effective for homemade masks.

A recent study notes that while there are many online resources which help people make their own masks, there is little scientific evidence on what are the most suitable materials to use. Here is the latest on mask materials tested that include using the material from a vacuum bag.


A High Fat Keto Diet Could Prevent And Completely Reverse Heart Failure, Says Study

A Keto Diet could prevent you from having a heart attack.

A new study suggests that eating a high fat and low carb diet may be a nutritional therapeutic intervention to treat patients with heart failure as well as act as a preventive measure toward ensuring good cardiac health.


Baby Bottles Release High levels of Microplastics During Formula Prep, Warns Study

Micro-plastics released from baby bottles could be an health hazard.

A new study warns that many parents are feeding high levels of microplastics from baby bottles to their infants due to incorrect formula preparation. Here’s how you should be doing formula prep to avoid or lessen microplastic exposure.


Energy Drink Lowers Heart Rate and Increases Intelligence in USAF Airmen

Nutritional beverage supplement plus HIIT improves physical and mental performance.

Looking to develop a performance advantage? Here’s the latest on a new study that showed how a nutritional beverage supplement supplied to USAF Airmen test subjects, markedly improved their performance both physically and mentally.