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September 2020

New Study Saying Time-Restricted Eating Doesn’t Work, Raises Skepticism

Problems with timed-eating study results.

Time restricted eating or intermittent fasting has been a popular weight loss method this past year. However, a new study states that it does not work. Here are some responses to the study after it was published and what you can take away from this confusing dieting news.


New Study Reveals Best Lubricants for Protecting Your Skin from Masks

PPE causes skin damage.

Discover why you should avoid creams and moisturizers advertised as “non-greasy feeling” when wearing face masks, and choose this special combo that actually decreases mask-related skin friction as the day progresses.


New Study Reports The Best COVID-19 Mask Material Is In Many Homes

Study shows silk beats cotton for protection against the coronavirus.

While many are creating home-made COVID-19 masks from cotton and other similar materials, a new study reports that possibly the best alternative mask material could be in your closet.

Will Taking a Zinc Supplement Help Protect You From the Coronavirus?