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August 2020

Study Shows Two Weight Loss Methods Diabetics Are Cured With Work Equally

Study suggests end result, not method achieves same weight loss benefits.

Studies show that diabetics who are obese are more likely not to survive COVID-19, than diabetes who are of normal weight. Here’s what you need to know about the latest finding comparing two weight loss methods for curing diabetes and protecting you from COVID-19.


Will Taking a Zinc Supplement Help Protect You From the Coronavirus?

Zinc supplement for COVID-19?

With fall approaching and seasonal flu shots now available, here’s what you need to know about taking supplements like zinc to help protect you from the coronavirus and whether you should buy zinc lozenges now before all the stores run out this winter.


Why Now It Is More Important Than Ever To Lose Weight This Year

Having metabolic syndrome increases the likelihood of dying from COVID-19

A new study emphasizes the importance of why that now it is more important than ever to lose weight when your doctor says you have metabolic syndrome, because the risks of dying from COVID-19 are much higher when you have a combination of these three medical conditions.


Coffee Talk: Does Coffee Cause Creativity and Addiction?

Which comes first: coffee or creativity?

Can creativity be caffeine-induced? And what about addiction? Here is one man’s story about his self-claimed addiction to coffee that he recognized once he decided to give up coffee while researching and writing about how coffee has changed the world.


Kickstarter Coffee Products for Nature Lovers Who Want Their Coffee Outdoors

Fresh ground coffee for backpacking is now possible.

Do you want to become a part of something that can help nature and allow you to extend your love of coffee by experiencing it in the great outdoors? Here are two Kickstarter projects for coffee-drinking nature lovers that accomplishes both in cool ways.