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June 2020

Will Vegetable Confetti Become the Next Food Fad or Future Food for Indoor Gardening?

Microgreen gardening

Are veggies your least favorite dish during dinner? Read on and discover how that microgreens just might change your mind and your palate when it comes to what will either be the next food fad or future food for indoor gardening.


Simple Secret to Preserving Produce That Will Change How You Store Your Fruit

Keeping fruit fresh longer.

A news release from Rice University tells us that researchers have found a novel way to preserve produce that is cheaper and healthier than current practices. Furthermore, it’s so simple that it could be sold in a spray bottle or even made in the home.


Is It a Honeybee, a Bumblebee, a Hornet, a Wasp or Something Else?

Know the difference between bees and wasps

Summertime brings pests to the garden that can be perplexing in identifying something as seemingly as simple as whether the flying interloper is a honeybee, a bumblebee, a hornet, a wasp or something else. Here are some quick facts to help you distinguish which is which.


Do You Want Be An Indoor Farmer? Food for Thought and for the Body

Vertical farming can be done in the home.

Here’s the latest news that supports the idea that future homes will be designed to integrate vertical farming and aquaculture for homeowners who want to be indoor farmers to feed their families and ensure their own food security.


Garden Nature Closeup Photography That You Can Do

Are some unidentified pests eating up your garden? Would you like to merge your gardening skills with some closeup photography? Here are some basic photography tips that will not only help you identify what is eating your garden, but provide some additional visual enjoyment to your gardening.

A Simple Insect Collecting Device for Identifying Garden and Tree Pests

Save a Species While Saving Your Organic Garden With Natural Pest Control