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April 2020

Is There a Budding Citizen Scientist in Your Garden?

Scientists need help collecting data

Would you like to share your knowledge of plants and gardening, or become part of a research project that shares your interests? Here is an example of how a research program can open a world of possibilities for the future budding citizen scientist in your garden.


When You Should Wear A N95 Dust Mask While Gardening

Mold exposure in the garden

When was the last time you wore a NIOSH N95 dust mask while gardening? Better yet: When have you ever seen anyone wear a N95 mask while gardening? It might sound a little on the crazy side to do so, but as it turns out, protecting yourself from Farmer’s Lung and other diseases by wearing an N95 mask while gardening makes good health sense


Free Gardening Program You Can Do With Your Children

Free child gardening program

Looking for a meaningful activity during COVID-19 social isolation to keep your children occupied and educated at the same time? Here’s a free gardening program you can do with your children that will teach them basic gardening science, put food on your table, and learn about how regenerative farming is their future for sustainable living and good health.