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August 2019

5 Health Benefits of Acai Berry Nutrition

acai berry nutrition

The acai berry is a superfood of vast potential and impressive benefits. The acai berry has become synonymous with the “fountain of youth”, but does scientific research show evidence that this purple berry has anti-inflammatory properties that combat aging? Find out as we explore the top 5 health benefits of acai berry nutrition!


New Research About the Effect of THC on Mental Health

Cannabis or marijuana is one of the most abused of frequently used substances like alcohol and tobacco. Now it is even being made available in a liquid form. But neither form is without its precautions that must be addressed considering the push to make it a legal substance. THC the most common chemical from this substance and has been with every bit smoked 421 some odd chemicals and inhaled as well.


Relentless: Make Your Massive Stroke Recovery A Reality Like Ted Baxter

massive stroke recovery

Ted was living a life many can only dream of as a successful businessman. He loved a challenge, and he was always reaching for another rung in the ladder until all that changed one dark day when he suffered a massive stroke. Relentless: How A Massive Stroke Changed My Life For the Better tells the true-life story of Ted W. Baxter and his massive stroke recovery. Relentless is a tale of relentless courage, relentless hope, and relentless healing.


Update: New understandings of ASD

Autism spectrum disorder is a prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by social difficulty and restrictive and/or repetitive behaviors. After looking at the multiplicity of genes implicated in the etiology of the extent of ASD symptoms were found to be long-reaching. Primary findings point to numerous risk genes for ASD that contribute to synaptic function. The synapse is the place where the signal is passed from one neuron to the next. This occurs in the brain as it develops. Scientist feel ASD is a disorder of these gene regulatory networks.


Christian counseling: the key to dealing with emotional trauma

Christian Counselors

Christian counseling is necessary in this modern world of solitude and disconnectedness due to hectic lifestyles which are individually orientated. Christian counselors and Christian therapists are now more needed and relevant than before.