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July 2019

Investigating the Rate of Seawater Intrusion Into Freshwater

Over the next century or two sea levels are rising and increased frequency of extensive natural disaster caused by global climatic change bring about serious issues. This issue is going to fall on lower-lying coastal and riverside areas. This has to lead to these areas to investigate and implement the way to produce a truly sustainable city.


How Alcohol Affects Your Liver and your Body

Doctor checking patient's liver

Nowadays there’s a program or an app for just about all the different health aspects of our lives. However, with a culture where social drinking is the norm, it’s crucial to be aware of how alcohol affects our bodies, particularly the all-important liver. However our busy lifestyles often force us to put our health on the backburner, but a hectic work life can also drive people to drink to relieve stress. How do we juggle these two competing issues?


New Hope for Those Awaiting Liver Transplants

Doctors use a system called MELD or model for end-stage liver disease to score patients awaiting liver transplantation and assign them a place on this list. Many individuals placed on this list die before receiving a donor's liver. New research is being done to decrease wait times and alternative methods of approaching survival. In the picture above the smaller lobe is the one used for transplanting of a living donor. That is the left side.


FOLFIRINOX: Gives New Hope to Pancreatic Cancer Patients

In 2019, optimum cancer care requires state-of-the-art molecular diagnosis a solid knowledge base to interpret and apply results and a nearly constant awareness of changes on the horizon; the field is moving that quickly. Drug approvals are no longer based solely on large phase three trials. Instead, they use umbrella or basket trials in order to assure the right drug is given to the right patients quicker. Precision medicine is now part of standard practice. In addition, that comes with many new challenges. this raised important questions. How to deal with tumors diversity?