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December 2018

Development of physical aggression: Normal progress or neurological cause

Fist Bump

Anger and depression are handled in different ways among different people. One of these conditions that don't handle aggression well is autism. Allowances and study need to be done to help this group of people succeed in our society.


Autophagy: Potential target for treating neurodegenerative disorders

Neurodegenerative disorders targeting

Autophagy is a dynamic cellular pathway involved in the turn over of proteins, protein complexes, and organelles through lysosomal degradation. Defects in autophagy affect the intercellular communication and subsequently contributing to neurodegeneration. The presence of abnormal autophagy activity is frequently observed in selective neuronal populations in neurodegeneration seen in diseases like ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's disease.


Options for treatment of Osteoarthritis-Knees

Knee bone

Many studies have been conducted about finding lasting pain relief from osteoarthritis-the number one reason for joint pain; especially in older adults. Medication doesn't always work and they often come with unwanted side effects. It is time to investigate alternative ways to treat this joint pain.


Possible Therapeutic Target Found for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Dental office and dental medications

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a chronic disease. The clinical management and treatment of this fatal disease are challenging for various reasons. And although antifibrotic therapies exist, doctors are still unable to tell which patient will benefit from individual treatments.


How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain at Christmas and All Year with Calocurb

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Do you crave a solution to curb cravings and avoid holiday weight gain? Calocurb is that solution! Calocurb is the fastest growing success story in New Zealand’s supplement industry with over 15,000 units sold to the tune of almost a million dollars in sales in just 7 months in a population of 3 million people. Calocurb’s CEO Sarah Kennedy joins us today to discuss the benefits of this fabulous supplement and all the fascinating scientific research behind it.


The Super Easy Way to Learn Everything About Fitness After 50

Fitness After 50

Turning 50 is a milestone for everyone, but now there is another reason for you to believe that life begins at 50! flip50™ may help you achieve fitness after 50 by focusing on fitness, diet, and overall lifestyle goals. You can achieve your best body and lifestyle yet after 50! (This post was brought to you in partnership with/sponsored by flip50™. My experience and opinions are my own.)


Hope for New Cervical Cancer Treatments

cervical cancer treatment

Data on HPV in women have prompted researchers to elicit more options and better outcomes. And while there is a vaccine available for HPV few people take advantage of it for various reasons. HPV has been linked to cervical cancer-seems pretty straightforward. Take the vaccination to decrease the chance of cervical cancer.


Magnesium Levels Aid in Vitamin D Status

foods that contain magnesium

Collection of dietary intake data can be challenging with the potential of errors in validity and reliability. Nutritional assessments are important to determine dietary strategies. There are limitations with these methodologies as not all nutrients have reliable markers of status.


Genetic Links Found for Autism and Schizophrenia

Mental health and human brain

Since the completion of the human genome project, researchers have been discovering changes to hundreds of places in the DNA. Some of these variants have been associated with psychiatric diseases such as autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia. Researchers have found a roadmap for the development of new generation therapy for psychiatric conditions. In the last decade, scientists have conducted genetic studies of people with a psychiatric disease, comparing results to healthy individuals to find genes that have different sequencing in those diseases. This paper helps to explain the roles of tens of thousands of sections of regulatory DNA and proteins in the brain. Once again this study is but a jumping off place for further studies (Geschwind et al, 2018). Dendritic structure (dendrite is a short branched extension of a nerve cell along which impulses received from other cells at synapses are transmitted to the cell body) is tightly coupled with synaptic function in basal conditions. Many brain disorders are associated with an aberrant regulation of F-actin and impaired signaling. These alterations likely underlie the aberrant spine morphology found in these disorders. Further studies on the mechanism of structural plasticity of dendritic spines will provide new therapeutic targets and methods for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders (Borovac et al, 2018).