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July 2018

Good Tips from Best-selling Author and Former U.S. Congressman Alan Steelman To Eliminate Stress

Back to School Stress

Stress is the black plague of our generation, and students and parents are dealt an unhealthy load with back-to-school stress. The Yellow Brick Road and other mindfulness techniques offered by the best-selling author, Alan Steelman, will help people to learn how to regulate their stress response in the healthiest way possible, especially during back-to-school stress.


Specific Video Games May Help With Childhood Obesity

Fitness and Video Games

According to a study found conducted by Louisiana State University, evidence has been found that video games can make a difference with childhood obesity. These results are good news for the hundreds of parents who are watching their children gain more and more weight because they sit and play video games instead of playing outside.


What Everyone Ought To Know About the EpiPen Shortage


On May 9th, 2018 the FDA declared a national shortage of epinephrine auto-injectors which are more commonly known to the general public as EpiPens. In this article, we will explore the factors involved in the EpiPen shortage, how epinephrine auto-injectors save lives, and some medical alternatives to the EpiPen.


Tick Related Illness On the Rise In North Carolina, 5 Ways To Avoid Being Bitten

Tick disease and five ways to prevent it

As Summer ramps up, here in the South we are inundated with creepy crawlers that bite, sting and just plain annoy us. But one really stands out as a serious danger. The dreaded TICK. Their favorite hiding places are behind ears, in skin folds and in hair just to name a few.


What Condition Was Most Searched on Google in 2018? The Answer May Surprise You!

Google searching autism

We are all guilty of it-Googling different conditions and symptoms to see what is going on with us instead of calling our doctor. After all, healthcare is expensive in the US and we want to know if our simple cough could indicate a more serious problem or if it is just that- a simple cough. The problem is, when you start googling your symptoms you can end up convincing yourself of some pretty bad things. In minutes we become hypochondriacs’; however, knowing what is most popularly Googled in your given state can give you a good idea of what is ultimately going on in said state.


If You Are Trying To Clean Up Your Diet, Drink a Smoothie a Day

Blueberry Smoothie

Two-time breast cancer survivor and wellness writer Caryn Sullivan shares some 'health hacks' for the summer months with CT Style. My favorite is about a smoothie a day. She says if you are trying to clean up your diet, drink a smoothie a day.