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August 2017

The Top 3 Vegan Foods That Are Incredibly Healing For Crohn’s Sufferers

IBD and Shingles Virus Crohn's Diet

The inflammation of the intestinal lining that comes with Crohn's flare-ups causes debilitating intestinal swelling, cramping, and diarrhea and affects half a million people in the United States. It is a little known fact that IBD and shingles virus have long been affiliated. If you suffer from Crohn's and shingles virus flare-ups you'll be relieved to know there are healing foods that can bring you some relief.


Myths about Being Vegan and How to Answer Those Who Question Your Choice

Vegan food

Maybe you are already vegan. Maybe you’ve stopped by this page because you are considering going vegan. Either way, you will likely face many questions about your choices based on myths that the world has about plant-based living. Here are some of the most common myths and how to bust them!


This One Vegan Food Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure heart disease diet watermelon

When you think of summer,you think of watermelon, but did you know watermelon is one of the greatest heart foods you can eat? Melon is typically one of the most hydrating foods you can eat. It is easily digested and the hydration from melon is critical as it how to lower high blood pressure naturally and quickly, among other benefits


Here’s Why Vegans May Sleep Better Than You Do

Insomnia, vegan health diet nutrition

Do vegans sleep better? The answer may lie in some new research on diet and insomnia. Researchers have found that our diet directly affects how well we sleep. This may uncover why people who eat high carbohydrate diets, like vegans do, may sleep better. So, if sleep has been hard to come by, your diet choices are well worth taking a good honest look at.


Keep disease away by boosting your flavonoids intake with these 3 vegan recipes

Keep disease away by boosting your flavonoids intake with these 3 vegan recipes

Flavonoids are phytonutrients (plant chemicals) found in almost all fruits and vegetables. An adequate intake of flavonoids, through diet, has been reported to protect the heart, treat asthma and reduce the risks of developing cancer. So, you can keep disease away by boosting your flavonoids intake with these 3 vegan recipes.