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Breast Cancer

EmaxHealth covers the latest news about breast cancer. Breakthroughs and treatments, symptoms of signs of best cancer, discovered by the research community. Find out the latest diagnostic tools and improvements in search of breast cancer treatment.

Women Attending Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign In Namibia Found Lumps In Breasts

The international breast cancer support group Reach for Recovery during a recent breast cancer awareness campaign delivered messages to 2,783 women at eight hospitals and clinics in northern Namibia, the Namibian/AllAfrica.com reports. The group's campaign, which held informational talks and answered questions about breast cancer, referred 255 women with lumps in their breasts to their physicians for further examinations and testing.


Breast Cancer Survivors Treated To A Day Of Luxury

Ten special breast cancer patients from Howard County General Hospital will be treated to a day of luxurious spa services for free. Afterward, the patients and their sponsors in "Survivors Offering Support (SOS)", a program that teams up newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with women who've already undergone treatment, will be treated to a luncheon in their honor.


Researchers Discover Regulator Of Hormonal Signaling In Breast Cancer Cells

Scientists at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson in Philadelphia have discovered new molecular evidence of the role of the hormone prolactin in breast cancer. They have found that prolactin, a pituitary hormone that normally stimulates breast development and milk production, initiates a new


Sanarus, Leading US Breast Care Physicians Partner For Visica 2 Treatment System For Fibroadenomas

Sanarus Medical announced a partnership with leading breast care physicians from select centers across the country. These Centers, including breast care physicians from Connecticut to California, will work in partnership with Sanarus to increase the awareness and availability of an innovative, non-surgical treatment option for women with benign breast tumors, known as fibroadenomas. Sanarus will host a gathering of these new Centers prior to the American College of Surgeons (ACS) annual meeting in New Orleans.