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Breast Cancer

EmaxHealth covers the latest news about breast cancer. Breakthroughs and treatments, symptoms of signs of best cancer, discovered by the research community. Find out the latest diagnostic tools and improvements in search of breast cancer treatment.

Mouse Studies Identify Gene That May Influence Metastasis Risk In Breast Cancer

Researchers have identified a pattern of gene activity in mice that may help to predict individual risk for breast cancer metastasis and survival in humans. A single gene, called bromodomain 4 (Brd4), regulates the expression of this pattern, also called a signature. The researchers found that one result of this Brd4 regulation is the suppression of tumor growth and metastasis in a mouse model of cancer.


Education May Close Gap In Breast Cancer Mortality

"Breast cancer is not,and should not be, a death sentence for women, regardless of the color of their skin, insurance status or income," Karen Burns White, deputy associate director of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Initiative to Eliminate Cancer Disparities, writes in a Boston-Bay State Banner opinion piece.