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Breast Cancer

EmaxHealth covers the latest news about breast cancer. Breakthroughs and treatments, symptoms of signs of best cancer, discovered by the research community. Find out the latest diagnostic tools and improvements in search of breast cancer treatment.

How to do a breast self-examination

The most effective way to fight breast cancer is to detect it early and a proper breast self-examination can help, although the most effective tools to detect breast cancer are mammography and clinical breast exam by your doctor. Women who perform regular breast self-exams find 90% of all breast masses. This video shows you how to perform a self-exam.


Estrogen Regulatory Elements Discovered For Breast Cancer Drugs

Bionovo announced results on the role of estrogen regulatory elements important in developing drugs for breast cancer and osteoporosis. The data, which were presented at the Endocrine Society's 90th Annual Meeting, showed that the new regulatory elements are essential for the differentiation of the estrogenic pharmacological activity exerted by different compounds.


MapQuant Dx Genomic Grade Test Identifies Breast Cancer Patients

Ipsogen SA is entering the breast cancer diagnostic market with the European launch of MapQuant Dx Genomic Grade. MapQuant Dx Genomic Grade is the very first molecular diagnostic test to accurately measure tumor grade, a consensus indicator of tumor proliferation, risk of metastasis and response to chemotherapy.