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Breast-Fed Women Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

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Breast-fed women have lower risk for developing breast cancer later in life.

Researchers examined 2016 women aged from 20 to 69 with breast cancer and 1960 women of same ages without cancer. The research looked at the mothers' age when participant women were born, at the availability of older siblings, and at the duration of breastfeeding.

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The researchers found that breast-fed women have 17% lower risk for developing breast cancer than women who were not beast-fed. Women who had 3 older siblings have even lower risk for the disease.

Women who were not breast-fed and were born when their mothers were at older ages were more likely to develop breast cancer, but there was no association between the age and the cancer in women who were breast-fed.

Researchers suggest that the level of environmental contaminants are predicted in women's breast milk, and accumulation of these contaminants leads to increased link for developing breast cancer later in life.

Further research needs to be done to estimate how exactly breastfeeding duration, mother's age, and older siblings affect breast cancer risk.