American Cancer Society Responds to Low Fat Diet and Breast Cancer Study

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Breast Cancer and Low Fat Diet

A new study being reported at the 2005 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO 2005) finds women treated for estrogen negative breast cancer who followed a low fat diet significantly reduced their chances of a recurrence. Below are comments from Len Lichtenfeld, MD, the Society's deputy chief medical officer.

"We have been waiting for evidence that changes in diet can improve the outcome for patients with cancer once the disease has been diagnosed. Although many claims are made that changing diets can improve the outlook for patients with cancer, we don't have much solid scientifically based evidence to support these claims.

"Now, with this study, we have evidence that, at least for a select group of women with breast cancer, maintaining a low fat diet may decrease the recurrence of breast cancers in post-menopausal women whose tumors are not hormonally sensitive.


"The decrease in recurrence was significant at 42 percent. If this kind of reduction were found in a preventive chemotherapy study, it would be cause for much excitement Still, it will be important to repeat the study with larger numbers of women to find out if they are able to make and maintain the changes in their diet that would be required.

"For now, a post-menopausal woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer that is estrogen receptor negative should consider adopting a low-fat diet after speaking with her physician. However, until this study has been confirmed by others, we can't say with absolute certainty that this will be beneficial for her breast cancer."


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