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Herceptin - Chemotherapy Drug Combination Cures Breast Cancer

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A trial conducted by Roche shows that Herceptin and chemotherapy drug combination successfully treats women with aggressive form of breast cancer.

Roche study involved 1510 patients, including 453 women with HER2-positive disease. This is an aggressive form of breast cancer, which now can be cured in early stage. The trial implemented regular weekly injections of a mixture of Herceptin and traditional chemotherapy drug.

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From 20% to 30% of all breast cancer cases respond to Herceptin and these women can be successfully treated with the combination in early stages. Women with HER2-positive form of the disease showed 45.5% to have completely disappeared cancer cell traces. This means that women with this aggressive form of the disease can significantly benefit if treated in early stages before having a breast surgery.

This is a significant improvement compared to only 30% tumor eradication among those taking a traditional chemotherapy treatment. Results are also promising for other Herceptin neoadjuvant: NOAH (NeOAdjuvant Herceptin) and TECHNO (Taxol-Epirubicin-Cyclophosphamid-Herceptin Neoadjuvant).

This trial gives hope to women suffering from aggressive form of the disease and encourages early screenings to start breast cancer treatment in earlier stages, in order to prevent breast surgery.