High Estrogen Levels Cause Breast Cancer Repetition

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Women who had repeated breast cancer cases after first successful treatment had twice as high blood estrogens than those who didn't get the disease for the second time.

A team of researchers from University of California-San Diego examined 300 breast cancer patients for seven years. Women were receiving all necessary therapies, such as chemotherapy, and tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors to decrease blood estrogen levels. By the end of the study those with repeated cases of disease were found to have twice as high estrogen levels.

Researchers urge the importance of exercising and weight control as a measure of lowering the risk for breast cancer apart from medical therapies.


Estrogen levels are mostly depending on genes, but any woman can control these hormones by exercising and healthy diet. Here are some facts by research, showing the importance of healthy weight:

1. It is proved estrogen is a hormone that is being produced not only by ovaries, but also by fat tissues. This means, that low levels of fatty mass will lead to less production of hormone, which will lead to decreased risk for developing breast cancer.

2. Almost all types of cancers are caused by excess cell growth. Excess weight may also lead to excess growth of cells, increasing the risk for developing breast cancer.

3. Excess body weight causes high levels of insulin in blood, causing hormonal disbalance in body. Disbalance of one type of hormone may damage overall hormonal of the body, particularly of estrogen, again increasing risk for developing breast cancer.

"Exercise and reducing weight can be an effective therapy for breast cancer patients because this lowers their overall stores of estrogen," said Charles Cox from Tampa's Moffitt Cancer Center. "This puts patients in charge of their own life expectancy. What they do doesn't just reduce their odds of cancer recurrence: It improves their overall outcome."