Avastin Approved As Breast Cancer Treatment

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Genentech's Avastin received FDA approval for late stage breast cancer treatment. Avastin is already approved for lung and colon cancer treatment.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel of advisers had previously rejected Avastin's approval, because the current standard for breast cancer drug is to extend patient's life and improve life quality. Avastin didn't manage non of the existing criteria. Besides, the adverse side effect were found to be overweighting positive effects.


However, FDA approved the drug, which means green light for other breast cancer drugs. This approval will change the estimated standards for drug approval while evaluating drug efficiency.

"It was very much a split decision, and I think the FDA took that under consideration," said Dr. David Schenkein from Genentech. "Metastatic breast cancer is a disease we cannot cure at this time. What this FDA approval does is give women another option that ... we believe is very important for women with advanced-stage breast cancer."

Avastin is suggested for late stage breast cancer patients in combination with paclitaxel chemotherapy. The patients should not have received chemotherapy at advance stages of disease.

"With Avastin plus paclitaxel, we can increase the time a woman's breast cancer is kept under control, and offer a biologic option to women who previously were limited to chemotherapies alone," said Dr. Kathy Miller from Genentech.