Genentech's Avastin May Effectively Treat Breast Cancer

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Genentech'sclinical trial shows Avastin is effective in breast cancer treatment before itgets worse.

The clinical trial is called Avado and it studied 736 patients whose "cancerhad recurred or spread beyond the breast". All patients were treated withAvastin combined with chemotherapy. The drug shows efficacy in breast cancertreatment before the disease gets worse. Since the trial didn't last longs,it's yet unclear if the drug can lengthen patient's life.

Now the drug is submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for approval as breastcancer treatment medication. Genentech has previously conducted one more clinicaltrial, but FDA didn't approve it because the results were not promising: thedrug didn't reasonably improve patient conditions, didn't actually lengthenlifetime, and side effects were existing.


This new trial was conducted by Roche, which owns major share of Genentech anddistributes its drugs. It is very important for companies to have Avastinapproved, because Genentech's investors are concerned with company stocksfalling during the last few years. However, after the announcement that Avastineffectively treats breast cancer, stocks rose by 2.4%, to $71.60.

Now Genentech and Roche are waiting for FDA's final result, which is scheduledto be announced on February 23, 2008, but the date may be changed later.

Avastin is already the best selling drug for colorectal and lung cancer treatment.The sales of Avastin in 2007 amounted to $2.3 billion. The drug's approval as breast cancer treatmentwill boost Genentech's success.