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A 'Must Read' For Breast Cancer Patients

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Patent 7,309,486 issued to NexGen Biomedical discloses a better way of using Genentech's drug Herceptin against breast cancer. The patent discloses that today's practice of concurrent administration of Herceptin with conventional phase specific chemotherapy results in antagonistic action between the two classes of drugs. In later stage cancers, these protocols only increase median survival by several months.

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Patent 7,309,486 discloses novel protocols that allow the two classes of chemotherapeutics to function synergistically. The protocols are designed to provide a way of holding the cancer in check indefinitely.

All proliferating cells progress through 4 distinct phases termed G1, S, G2, and M. "S-Phase cytotoxics, such as Pfizer's Camptosar or Eli Lilly's Gemzar, are capable of killing virtually all cells that are in the S-Phase, however, in the best case, only around one third of cancer cells are typically in the S-Phase during chemotherapy," explains Mark Zamoyski, the inventor.