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Patients Prefer New Breast Exam From Advanced Imaging Technologies

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Advanced Imaging Technologies, developers of the award-winning ARIA Breast Imaging System (BIS), today announced results of a compelling survey indicating that patients prefer receiving a breast exam using the ARIA BIS over other modalities.

The company surveyed over 100 patients ranging in age from 27 to 88 years who had been imaged using the ARIA BIS and other modalities, including X-ray mammography. When asked how the ARIA exam compared directly to mammography, 89% of patients responded that the exam was better than getting a mammogram. 95% of patients would request the exam again and 87% indicated they would pay out of pocket for the exam in the future. This is considerable given that reimbursement issues continue to plague women's imaging centers nationwide.

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"Patients clearly want better options for their breast exams," said Michael Hartwig, Chief Operating Officer, Advanced Imaging Technologies. "Our product is not only more comfortable for patients, but it also provides better information for improved diagnostic care, especially for women with dense tissue."

Existing imaging modalities for breast screening and diagnostics tend to be uncomfortable for the patient. MRI requires contrast agents and the exam can take longer than an hour, while X-ray mammography, in addition to using radiation, painfully compresses the breast. Further, reflective ultrasound requires direct and prolonged contact with the handheld probe that some patients find to be intrusive. ARIA BIS addresses many of these issues as the system does not use ionizing radiation, does not use contrast agents or gels and breast compression is to patient comfort. The company conducted numerous patient focus groups before bringing the product to market.

ARIA BIS images the whole breast to produce standardized, multi-planar, volumetric data sets of the anatomy with minimal operator dependence. The system has proven clinically to be superior to mammography and reflective ultrasound combined, especially in women with dense breast tissue.

"ARIA BIS is the only through-wave ultrasound imaging device on the market and with increased utilization our product has the opportunity to make a significant positive impact on women's care," added Hartwig.