PrivacyWear Defines A Lifestyle With Divas For A Breast Cancer Cure

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A group of motorcycle "Divas" will take to the road this summer, traveling across the country promoting early detection, breast cancer awareness.

They will be raising funds to aid in the fight to find a cure for Breast Cancer. The Divas For A Cure will be making this ride in association with Southern California-based clothing company, PrivacyWear, whose founder Carolyn Jones notes "These remarkable ladies share our commitment to finding a cure. Their compassion and courage are a GPS on the road to breast cancer care."

More than a fashion statement; the PrivacyWear label is a statement of values. The driving force of the organization is to bring breast cancer awareness to the fashion marketplace, using a generous portion of their annual revenue to fund breast cancer prevention and research. All purchases made from the PrivacyWear collection for men and women allows the company to provide free mammography screening for underprivileged women, and to fund breast cancer education and clinical trials. "We believe in quality, for our apparel and for human life", adds Jones. "We pursue a 'double bottom line' ... people as well as profit".


Just as PrivacyWear promotes living life to its fullest, not only by looking but also by feeling good, breast cancer survivors can attest to the importance of this. Agreeing with PrivacyWear's mission statement, "United We Cure", Jan Emanuel, Founder and President of Divas For A Cure, couldn't be more encouraged. "This is personal for me", Emanuel states. "I am a rider and a survivor, so to have a company such as this sponsor our ride will aid in our ability to reach and educate more women about early detection and treatment of breast cancer".

Riding custom motorcycles, Divas For A Cure remains firm that it isn't about the motorcycle, it is about the mission. The core group led by Jan "Sunny the Diva" Emanuel will include Aj "Suga Soldier" Jemison, Victoria "Ms. Vickie" Murphy and accompanied by Claudia "Princess" Lile. They will depart from Southern California on July 22 and travel across Central United States for 20 days to the East Coast and back. Members of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club chapters will meet and escort the riders along the route. With an itinerary of scheduled events in Los Angeles, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia and Maryland, the core group of riders will return to California following one of their featured stops in Kansas City, Missouri to attend the 30th Annual National Bikers Roundup.

It is PrivacyWear's goal to unite and increase access to detect Breast Cancer for low income and underinsured individuals. Both organizations are committed to the cause until there is a cure.

The PrivacyWear brand is owned and operated by Diamond Decisions, Inc. a leading apparel brand management company headquartered in Corona, CA. PrivacyWear is committed to finding a cure by raising capital to fund breast cancer awareness programs and research opportunities. The PrivacyWear leadership team is extremely focused on one mission, and one purpose to find a cure for breast cancer.