Breast Cancer Fundraiser Not Tied To DPHHS

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Breast Cancer Fundraising

Montana Department of Public Health said that a telephone solicitation raising money for breast cancer detection and treatment is not tied to the Montana Breast and Cervical Health Program.


Karan Kunz, MBCHP program manager for DPHHS, said consumers have reported a telephone fundraising pitch that may lead Montanans to believe the funds raised will somehow expand or enhance the DPHHS program.

The Office of Consumer Protection in the Department of Justice has received inquires about the telephone solicitation from Butte and Helena residents, said state Assistant Attorney General Cort Jensen.

Jensen added that the pitch includes a follow-up letter confirming the consumer's pledge. The fundraiser also encloses a reply envelope that lists a Butte mailing address. The address belongs to a business that provides mailbox rental.

Kunz said she appreciates any help the program receives. "We would never discourage consumers from donating to legitimate charities that support cancer treatment, detection and prevention," Kunz said. "But, we're concerned about our reputation because in this case we didn't authorize the solicitation. We have to make sure it's from a credible source."