The Unknown Risks of Arthritis

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Arthritis, in particular rheumatoid arthritis (RA), has devastating effects on the body, causing many debilitating effects and leaving many patients immobile or able to function normally. However, there are also some additional effects associated with the disease which are less well known, but just as threatening. A number of studies presented at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology provide new data on the risks of cardiovascular diseases for



I was reading your website about TNF Inhibitors. My husband took these drugs for RA and was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Mantle Cell Lymphoma on March 8, 2007. He begin taking the drugs in 2002, before Johnson and Johnson, i.e. Cantocor, Abbott, and Amgen/Wyeth announced that TNF Inhibitors could cause Lymphoma. Upon diagnosis, my husband was given 6 to 8 months to live; however, he had a Stem Cell Transplant on August 27, 2007, at Wake Forest Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC. He has been through hell over these drugs. All RA victims need to be aware of what these TNF Inhibitors can do to them. My husband is only 58. This should not be happening to him. Doctors should not be subscribing these drugs to RA victims. We need to get word out about these drugs? Through our experience with these drugs, we have learned that if someone is a victim of deadly Lymphoma from taking these drugs, there is no recourse. Doctors won’t help because the drug companies treat them to luxurious trips and vacations so the doctors will prescribe the drugs to patients. Furthermore, hospitals won’t help because these drug companies are benefactors on building and equipment projects for the hospitals. We know these drugs cause this deadly Lymphoma in Lewis. He and his sister are within one year in age, they both have the same degree of RA. Lewis was treated with these three drugs, his sister wasn’t treated with the drugs. Lewis has Non Hodgkin’s Mantle Cell Lymphoma and his sister doesn’t have it. Also, the same doctor treated Lewis for many, many years and Lewis never had any problems until he took the Humira. You decide if you want to risk your life by taking these drugs. All websites should be telling people the truth about TNF Inhibitors. Remicade, Enbrel, and Humira are KILLER drugs. This is not fiction; this is a man’s life. One life is one too many.