Arthritis Without Pain

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"Arthritis Without Pain" - the Miracle of TNF blockers, examines the science behind the TNF blockers Enbrel, Remicade and Humira, offers practical advice for their use and explores the real-life experience of patients who take them. Written by noted Dallas rheumatologist Scott J. Zashin, M.D. in collaboration with healthcare writer Laure Hesser, Arthritis Without Pain gives patients the knowledge to take charge of their arthritis, move past the pain, and get back to a more active life:

-- Learn about TNF blockers and how they work

-- Compare TNF blockers with methotrexate and others arthritis drugs

-- Take a five minute self-test to see if you are a candidate for anti-TNF therapy


-- Understand the differences between Enbrel, Remicade and Humira

-- Know what to ask before therapy and what to expect during therapy

-- Gain insight into how biologic drugs are manufactured and why they need special handling

-- Learn how uninsured/underinsured patients may still have access to these medications

-- Read about other patients' experiences with these life-changing drugs

With the latest information on types of arthritis, standard treatments, lab tests and clinical trials, "Arthritis Without Pain" is a comprehensive guide to TNF blockers and the state of arthritis treatment today.