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Eyelid Rashes Not So Easy To Solve

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Eyelid Dermatitis

Many women who develop an itchy, painful irritation of the eyelid assume makeup is the culprit. But often, it's the nail polish they're wearing.

"People who have eyelid dermatitis assume it's due to something they put on their eye," said Dr. Rajani Katta, assistant professor of dermatology at Baylor College of Medicine. "Most of the time, it's something that accidentally comes in contact with the eyelid."

Nail polish is a frequent source of eyelid dermatitis, a skin rash described as red, scaly and itchy.

"If we have a woman come in with a rash on her eyelids, one of the first things we ask is, 'Do you wear nail polish?'" said Katta. "Even just a tiny speck of wet nail polish can cause a problem."

The eyelid is a common place for rashes to develop, because the skin is so sensitive in that area, she said.

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"You can touch things with your hands and it doesn't bother them. The skin of your hands is thick and not that sensitive," Katta said. "But, if you accidentally touch your eyelid, a rash can develop."

Cosmetics for the eyes can cause irritation, even if a patient has used the same product for a long time.

"You can develop an allergy at any time, and sometimes companies even change product ingredients without advertising that fact," Katta said.

Contact lens solutions and eye drops that make their way onto the eyelids also can cause skin irritation.

Finding the exact cause of eyelid dermatitis often involves some detective work, and for patients, the sooner the better for results.

"Eyelid dermatitis can be extremely difficult to solve because it can be caused by a lot of different things," Katta said. "It's miserable for patients, usually very itchy, and sometimes painful."




I have a rash around both eyes. No irritation of the eye itself. My eyes are itchy, usually in the morning or at night a a bit puffy. The majority of the rash is near the corners of my eye lids, which kind of looks like elephant skin accompanied by deep wrinkles. The skin is red (rash like) and after wiping the area gently with a cloth the skin peels a bit. The crease of my eyelid looks like it is cut, most likely from the eye being puffy. I have been using metrogel and lyderm on the area, from a previous rash, which helps a bit and some polysporin. I went to the clinic and the doctor suggested it was from allergies and gave me some eye drops (which doesn't do anything because the eye itself is fine) called levocabastine and advised me to take some allergy pills. The condition still has not cleared. I am now thinking about just letting the air get at the area, without any creams to see if it makes any difference. I also have an appointment with my GP, but it is not for another 3 weeks. Any advice you could give me I would be grateful.
I have the same thing... they will just tell you it is an allergy to something that they can't find, even after taking away all your beauty products. I have been able to deal with this with the help of Aveeno Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream. I put it on my eyelids day and night. It won't make it go away but it helps keep it soft so that it doesn't crack and bleed.
This flared up for me for the first time this weekend after I used some nail polish for the first time in a while but...that's not a good enough explanation for me - I've never had the problem before and I'm no less clumsy with my nail polish than I ever was. I also had a really bad lip eczema flareup in January that hasn't gone away completely since. And I don't even use Chapstick! Only petroleum jelly. I started using prescription steroid ointment (Desowen) for the lips, and it feels a little better when I use it, but I never use it more than a few days since they warned me that the strong stuff can dramatically thin your skin. I don't really know what's left to do now except get more sleep, exercise, and vegetables. Crossing my fingers.
Did you find out what was causing your eye rash ? I have the same thing...
I had the same eye lid rash. Long story but I eliminated gluten from my diet and in a matter of days the rash cleared up on its own.
i have the same thing i realized it was eye make-up that i but on. how do i get rid of it????????????
I have the same thing as well. Ideas?
I had gone to a dermatologist and eye doctor and they said it was contact dermatitis...could use creams, but to be careful because steroids thin the skin...nothing else seems to help though, oral anti-histimines can help but make me sleepy - i'm going to go back to the dr. this week b/c it's getting bad again...any good creams that are not steroid? any good moisturizer like that aveeno sounds good...
I have this too....it is driving me crazy! I can't figure out the source, it's either foundation make up (Cover Girl....which I normally don't use) or mascara(Maybelline which I have used before), my contacts (which are differennt but have been wearing for 6 mos), or pollen. Allergy pills are Not working....I just can't seem to figure out which one it is, I'm starting to think it's a combination of 2 things!
i get it too. it's my second time. i find that a gentle moisturiser soothes it, however it doesn't cure it. however, once soothed, i left it alone and it went away by itself. i just had to remember not to touch it.
Have been going crazy with itchy, scaly, red, swollen eye lids. This has been going on and off for months. I clean it off, put on a cream which helps for about an hour or two, but then it is back again. I have given up eye make up, but still no solution. - Hope someone can come up with a solution!
I have this problem too, only my right eyelid has a rash, its also flaky too, would aveeno be a good idea for the eye lid, or is it dangerous?
I have been dealing with eyelid rashes for a few years now. I think it may be caused from face lotion. I just had a bad reaction that started off slow but then ended with ichy wollen eyes for a week. I picked up some new lotion and face cleanser call cedaphil. I also picked up some new face makeup call vichy from CVS. I am doing alot better. So far so good. Wish me luck. Jody
What cream should I buy
its most likely eczemaa if it came out of no where and your immune system isnt compromised. try asking a dermatologist for fluocinonide cream in a low dosage. its helped clear mine up in 3 days.
I also have this eyelid rash. Mine developed after going gluten free for about 3 months (for acne_leaky gut sympoms). Ended up forgoing gluten free in small increments over about 2 weeks. Thats when it popped up. Red swollen itchy (i first thought i got sone poison ivy on my eyelids) my eyelids looked lime elephant skin. Ended up going gluten free again after getting same weird rash (ugh) on labia majora. Same deal. Thought was yeast infection! I had my skin down there peel and flake a bit. I know awful. I also too diflucan for a yeast infection, but it didnt go away. My eyelids are pretty much better going gluten free again. No more vaginal symptoms. I wouldve been lost but a close friend went through all this except 10x worse. Rash all over perineum, blotchy rash all over body, and exact same eyelid rash. She did skin tests and no diagnosis. Paid for expensive blood test and has gluten milk egg yolk allergies.
I got these same rashes beside my eyes. I tried many many things and nothing seemed to help. Went to the doc. Drink more water. Try this cream. Try that lotion. Still got worse and more painful. I have been wearing Maybelline mascara for as long as I have worn mascara. I recently changed to a natural product mascara and have not had any facial eczema issues since.
I was always able to use fingernail polish in my younger years. Stopped wearing it for a few years and tried again. My eyelids started peeling and looking very wrinkly towards the inner corner. Then around my mouth the skin on my face would start sloughing off. I tried everything to fix it. Went to the doctor multiple times; tried steroids, anti-fungals, antihistamines, and more. Went to a dermatologist and he suggested it was the flouride in my toothpaste. Nope. It was the nail polish. Stopped wearing it and poof gone. That stuff is toxic. Pretty; but not worth the pain and suffering I went through.
For weeks I've been getting a thin cut in my upper left eyelid crease after wearing mascara and just a thin line of eyeshadow over my lashes, makeup doesn't even touch the crease. I've heard of parasites, anybody have this? How to get rid of it? It burns, I've used antibiotic ointment and it clears up for a couple of days but comes back. I don't wear nail polish, or foundation. Always wear just moisturizer. No make up:(
Along with eyelid crease issue, I had thin flaking skin on both legs, below knees. No clue why.
I have had a left eyelid in which it becomes itchy and scaley and have not changed moisturizers or foundation yet find by the end of the day my eyelid is itchy.
It's a form of rosacea. Perioral dermatitis if around eyes. If at corners of mouth, look into angular cheilitis. I have peroral made worse by some bad advice to use hydrocortisone which made it much worse. I have had some success using African black soap and coconut oil. Take sulfates ( especially sodium lauryl sulfate) out of all products, such as shampoos and facial cleansers, even shower gel. Minocycline helps but rash comes back when done. Never had a problem with skin ever before this and I have been dealing with this all year. Good luck.
Thank you so much! I was trying to look for ingredients to avoid but i had no look finding any until now. I looked in the ingredients in the cleanser I use and it had lots of sulfate in it.
I've had itchy, burning, red, deep wrinkly eyelids along with itchy lips since February 12th!! Has anyone on here cured such symptoms? The lips still itch but not as bad as they originally did. I'm going crazy because I'm looking old as hell! If I didn't have the wrinkles and puffiness I would just take the burning:( Please help! I have not seen a doc as of yet my appointment is on Friday the 17th. I am 38 BTW