Tips For Protecting Your Eyes This Summer

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Cinzia Designs announces the Top 5 Tips for protecting your eyes in style this summer. Each summer the Sun Safety Alliance designates a week to promote sun safety awareness.

According to the Vision Learning Center, many problems can occur from long-term exposure to UV rays including cataracts, macular degeneration, scaring, or skin cancer. These defects can be avoided by following simple steps to protecting your eyes.

Cinzia Designs Founder Cynthia Shapiro reveals her "Top 5 Tips" to protect your eyes this summer:


1. Make it an All Day Affair: Sunglasses play an important role in protecting the eyes by filtering out harmful UV rays. This means glasses should be worn at all times when outdoors, even in the early morning or late afternoon hours. Even though the sun looks dim at these times it is still spouting out harmful rays.

2. Go Big to Stay Young: Larger frames are in style right now and that is a good thing! The more area your glasses cover the better they will protect you from sun exposure. Movie star style frames not only look chic, but they can help fight off crow's feet, freckles and other unsightly signs of aging.

3. Read Labels: When selecting a pair of sunglasses, make sure to pick a pair that reduces glare, filters 99 - 100% of UV light rays and does not distort colors. How to find these types of glasses? The reduction of glare is most prominent with a polarized lens. To ensure the most protection from UV rays, sunglasses will be marked with a sticker that tells you how much UV radiation they block. Cinzia Designs offers sun wear with polarized lenses and each pair is marked with a UV 400 sticker, which guarantees 99-100% UV light protection. Look for these labels on your sun wear.

4. Discount Glasses Can Mean Discount Protection: It's tempting to pick up a pair of knock-off Versace's on Venice beach -- but what are you really buying? Chances are those cheap copies offer little to no protection from the sun. Sunglasses do not have to be pricey -- many stores like Target offer inexpensive and chic options that also protect your eyes.

5. Love Thy Glasses: Trends come and go, but you should select a style that truly suits your style and needs. You are much more likely to wear your sun protection if you feel and look great in your frames. Don't buy trendy glasses that you will never wear. Buy sunglasses that make you shine!


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