Frequent Blinking, Simple Eye Exercises Can Improve Vision

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Blinking frequently and doing a few simple eye exercises can keep your eyes healthy and improve your vision.Blinking frequently and doing a few simple eye exercises can keep your eyes healthy and improve your vision, says Dr. Ben Kim, editor of the popular health website

You can support the health of your eyes and improve your vision by adopting the following exercises into your daily routine, Dr. Kim says:

1. Blink often. Frequent and gentle blinking allows your eyelids to coat your eyes with three beneficial layers of tears, which are essential to providing your eyes with ongoing nourishment and cleansing. Blink every two to four seconds -- about fifteen to thirty blinks per minute. By consciously making an effort to blink at this rate, your body will eventually make frequent blinking a subconscious habit.


2. Close your eyes when possible. When you do not need to see, provide optimal lubrication and rest for your eyes by closing them. For example, if you are stuck while composing an e-mail, close your eyes while you think of your next sentence.

3. Exercise the muscles that move your eyes. Regularly move your eyes through their full range of motion to promote optimal blood flow and nerve function to your eyes. Look as far to your left as possible, hold for 3-5 seconds, and then repeat to your right. Do the same thing looking up, down, and to the four corners of your field of vision. Do these exercises at least two times a day.

4. Exercise your depth perception. Hold a pen in front of you, about an arm's length away. Focus your vision on the tip of your pen for 3-5 seconds, and then shift the focus of your vision to an object that is farther away (the farther, the better) for 3-5 seconds. If you are indoors, look out a window to find a distant object to focus your vision on. Repeat this sequence of going back and forth between your pen and a distant object at least two times per day.

By Dr. Ben Kim - Natural Health Solutions
This page is updated on May 6, 2013.



Loooving It.Thank You Soooooo Much for these eye excersises!I am 13 and my vision is 8 doplets.and doing thse eyexcersises and now my eyevision is 6 dioplets.I am sure it will keep getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!