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CoastalContacts Issues Eye Health Guidelines For Contact Lens Wearers

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Contact Lens

The recent news that a serious eye infection may be linked to a contact lens solution coincides with the expansion of CoastalContacts.com Healthy Eyes initiative on its website and a street-level eye health promotion.

CoastalContacts.com, is the world's second largest online retailer of contact lenses and the 128th largest online retailer in the world as recently announced by Internet Retailer magazine in its 2007 Top 500 list. The company had already planned its Healthy Eyes campaign prior to the recent product recall required for Advanced Medical Optics's Complete MoisturePlus(TM) lens solution. Last year, Bausch & Lomb announced a product recall of its MoistureLoc Contact Lens Solution.

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"Part of our role as a responsible retailer is to remind our customers coast-to-coast of the importance of taking good care of your eye health," said Roger Hardy, president and CEO of CoastalContacts.com, which does not retail the MoisturePlus(TM) brand solution. "It is very important to keep your eyes in good health by following the correct rules for wearing contact lenses."

"Along with following your lenses replacement schedule and seeing your eye care practitioner regularly, one of the most important ways to safeguard your eye health all year round is being sure to replace your contacts and contact lens case regularly," added Hardy. "With that in mind, we'll be reminding the public about the importance of changing their cases often by handing out thousands of free lens cases to consumers beginning this Saturday, June 2 and continuing in various locations throughout the summer."

Chief among the company's recent initiatives:

- As of May 10 every order shipped, with the exception of daily lens purchasers, now includes a free contact lens case to ensure customers change their cases regularly. Professional bodies, such as the American Optometric Association, recommend replacing your lens case every three months.

- Expansion of the company's Healthy Eyes website section, initiated earlier this spring, with improved features such as listing many lenses that allow the most oxygen through the lens to the eye and the Do's and Don'ts for the Proper Care and Handling of Contact Lenses information sheet for consumers. This information site can be found by following the Healthy Eyes link on CoastalContacts.com homepage.