BioElectronics Introduces Its New Eye Surgery Recovery Mask

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Blepharoplasty Surgery

BioElectronics Corporation announces that its specially designed eye mask for placement of ActiPatch Therapy after blepharoplasty surgery is now available.


The mask, made of a soft and comfortable breathable fabric has a pocket on each side that holds a crescent shaped ActiPatch to assure proper placement of therapy over each eye. The unique design allows a patient to continue their normal activities during daytime treatment. At night, the patient can then move the mask over the eyes to receive treatment on both the upper and lower lids while sleeping.

"We believe that providing a simple way to place the therapy in the desired area without the use of adhesive will simplify post surgical care for both the patient and the recovery staff, said Lauren Jarman. Ms. Jarman is the designer of the mask.

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