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Amikacin Inhale Shows Promising Results In Study

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Bayer HealthCare together with Nektar Therapeutics, presented positive preliminary Phase II data on their unique drug-device combination Amikacin Inhale at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) annual meeting. Amikacin Inhale, currently being studied for the adjunctive treatment of Gram-negative pneumonia in intubated and mechanically-ventilated patients, achieved over 1000 times greater lung exposure to the antibiotic amikacin as compared to intravenous route of administration. This shows that targeting antibiotic therapy to the site of infection might offer superior bacterial eradication and increased efficacy, which may result in a higher likelihood of the patient's survival. Currently, Gram-negative pneumonia carries a mortality risk as high as 50 percent in mechanically-ventilated patients.