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MMC Completes Studies For Integrated Hematology, Automated Diabetes Testing Solution

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Sysmex America announced the successful completion of Mercy Medical Center's (Canton, OH) beta studies for its integrated hematology and A1C automation solution. This first-of-kind solution, which combines the Sysmex HST-N hematology automation platform and the Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. VARIANT II TURBO Link, enables on-demand, automated diabetes testing in a random access setting.

"This integrated testing solution, now fully on-line at Mercy, also utilizes automated decision logic rules software, Sysmex MOLIS WAM, to maximize efficiencies in the area of data and sample management and labor utilization," said Barbara Carter, Coordinator Automated/Core Laboratory, Mercy Medical Center. Mercy Medical Center's early adoption of the integrated hematology and A1C Testing Solution aligns with the hospital's impressive list of world, national, state and Stark county's "firsts." The hospital is jointly owned and operated by the Sisters of Charity Health System and University Hospitals Health System. This integrated testing Solution will be available to hospitals across the nation beginning the end of April 2008.

"As an early adopter of the automated A1C Testing Solution, we are providing superior diabetes testing services that positively impact the quality and timeliness of the acute care and management of diabetic patients. With diabetes affecting over 20 million children and adults in the United States, coupled with the nation's obesity epidemic, we saw the need to create a laboratory infrastructure for the future," said Mary Ann Burich-Boccia, Administrative Director, Laboratory, Mercy Medical Center. "By automating and consolidating our high volume hematology and diabetes testing, we have dramatically improved our operational efficiency while reducing costs and errors. And, with seventy-five percent of our samples no longer needing technologist-touch, we are freeing our technologists for more critical tasks such as abnormal patient result review," she added.

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Mercy Medical Center's integrated testing solution includes the Sysmex HST-302 automated platform -- two XE-Series automated hematology analyzers, one SP-1000i automated slide maker and stainer, MOLIS WAM, one TS-500 Tube Sorter/archiver, Return Line and the Bio-Rad VARIANT II TURBO Link A1C testing system. "Our A1C method uses HPLC technology, the industry's gold standard for A1C testing. In addition to diabetes monitoring, our method detects some common hemoglobin abnormalities. This clinical information can be forwarded to the physician, adding valuable patient information," said Scott Joksch, Senior Product Manager at Bio-Rad.

"In addition to enhancing its diabetic testing services, Mercy Medical Center's foresight has enabled the automation of testing and data management of 90% of tests performed on EDTA samples and automated sample management of virtually 100% of all EDTA samples (i.e. CBC, Diff, Retic, ESR and other esoteric tests)," said Nilam Patel, Sr. Product Manager, Automation Solutions, Sysmex America, Inc. "This Lavender Top Management solution by Sysmex offers clinical laboratories quality results, superior instrument and automation performance (uptime) and improved productivity, turn around times and labor utilization," added Patel.

About HbA1c

The hemoglobin A1c (A1C) blood test, which measures the amount of glucose attached to the hemoglobin in the red blood cell, is an estimate of a patient's blood glucose control during the previous three to four months.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can increase a patient's risk for developing serious complications including heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney and nervous system diseases. Proper diabetes management can delay or even prevent the onset of complications, allowing patients to live healthier, more productive lives.