MIGENIX Reports Preliminary Celgosivir Viral Kinetics Study

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MIGENIX has received preliminary four-week interim results from a Phase II viral kinetics study in hepatitis C virus treatment-naive patients which indicate that celgosivir (an oral alpha glucosidase I inhibitor) has no negative effects on the tolerability, pharmacokinetics and viral kinetics when combined with the standard of care drugs, pegylated interferon plus ribavirin, as compared to the standard of care drugs alone.


The interim results include 10 patients who had completed 4-weeks of treatment equally divided between: (i) pegylated interferon (alfa-2b) plus ribavirin ("PR"); and (ii) celgosivir 400mg QD plus PR ("PRC"). The results are interim as the study is designed as a 20-patient, 12-week study. The following is a summary of the preliminary interim four-week results:


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