Cytel Releases East 5 Clinical Trial Design System

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East 5 Clinical Trial Design System

Cytel released East 5, a major advancement to Cytel's highly-validated clinical trial design and monitoring software system.

Virtually every major biopharmaceutical company, leading medical device firms, research centers, and international regulatory agencies rely on East to efficiently design the trial with the best possible chance of success.

Responding to the demand for more successful and safer clinical trials, East 5 delivers a host of new tools to better guide trial sponsors through the myriad of trial design options including adaptive, group sequential and fixed sample size clinical trials.

Major advances in East 5 include:


-- expanded visualization tools for better understanding of trial design concepts amongst trial planners, clinical operations and regulators

-- new report-ready tables for protocol review and study results submission

-- better designs for trials using smaller sample sizes

-- more single-look trial designs and simulations

"The East 5 release is a milestone achievement for Cytel and a major benefit to the many trial planners around the world that rely on East's versatility and accuracy" said Cyrus Mehta, Cytel's President and Co-Founder. "The new features are a direct result of combining invaluable feedback from current East users with our own biostatistical research and software development efforts. Helping our customers design better, more successful trials faster is what East 5 is all about".

East 5 is testament to Cytel's continuing commitment to providing the novel statistical methods, software, and expert services proven to reduce development lead times and increase the success rates of even the most complex clinical trials.