Benefits, Challenges Of Flexible Confirmatory Trial Methods

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Adaptive Trial Methods

Cytel founders and world-recognized adaptive trial design experts Cyrus Mehta and Nitin Patel will lead adaptive trial workshops and scientific sessions.


Adaptive trials are finding greater acceptance by sponsors and regulators seeking to improve development productivity and reduce the high rate of trial failures. With 20 years providing statistical software for the design and analysis of clinical trials, 10 years providing services for the design of innovative trials, including over 20 adaptive designs with sponsors in the last year alone, Cytel's adaptive trial experience is unmatched.

At the Atlanta 2007 DIA sessions statisticians, clinicians and biopharma management will examine recent adaptive trials and gain insight into how to plan and conduct the next generation of adaptive studies. Speaking on the industry's use of their adaptive trial techniques and tools will be Dr. Cyrus Mehta, Founder and President, Cytel Inc. and Dr. Nitin Patel, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer.

Dr. Mehta will examine a series of adaptive trial case studies in the workshop: "The Scientific and Economic Benefits of Flexible Adaptive Trials Methodology Designed to Achieve Early Registration and Robust Results" on June 16, 1P - 4:30P.

Focusing on adaptive tools for Phase 2b studies, Dr. Patel presents "Bayesian Approaches to Combine Proof-of-concept and Dose-ranging within a Single Dose-adaptive Phase 2 Design" on June 21, 8:30A - 10A.