Test Results Of Syrup Medicine Suspected To Have Contained Isopropyl Alcohol

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Further investigation by the Department of Health into the suspected case of syrup medicine containing isopropyl alcohol revealed that seven of the 17 bottles of syrup medicine claimed or labeled as "terbutaline" and were seized from the clinic of a private medical practitioner in Tuen Mun contained isopropyl alcohol.

Tests by the Government Laboratory showed that the concentration of isopropyl alcohol ranged from 68 percent to 71 percent.

The 17 bottles of syrup medicine comprised two original stock bottles (3.6 liters per bottle), one medium-sized bottle (500-ml in volume) and 14 small bottles (30-45 ml in volume). Isopropyl alcohol was found in the medium-sized bottle and six of the small bottles.


A 3.6-liter bottle of isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 75 percent was also found in the clinic.

Meanwhile, DH obtained three bottles of the syrup medicine concerned from three of the six patients (including the three-year-old girl who sought medical consultation at the Accident and Emergency Department of Tuen Mun Hospital on April 20). The drug was reported to have been dispensed by the private doctor concerned.

Tests results of these three bottles of syrup medicine indicated that two of them did not contain isopropyl alcohol. The one dispensed to the three-year-old girl was found to have contained isopropyl alcohol and the concentration of which is about 69 percent.

The hotline 2125 1133 set up by DH has so far received a total of 19 calls. None of them reported to have sought consultation from the doctor concerned.