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Drug Telaprevir in Patients with Genotype 1 Hepatitis C May Cut Treatment Time

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Hepatitis C Treatment

In a late-breaker presentation at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), researchers today presented data from a planned interim analysis of the PROVE 1 clinical trial, which is the first trial to evaluate short-duration therapy with the investigational hepatitis C protease inhibitor telaprevir (TVR, VX-950) in combination with pegylated interferon (peg-IFN) and ribavirin (RBV) in treatment-na



Is it possible that the new drug telaprevir could help with my liver condition. I have gone through several treatments for the hep c with no response. I was on the pegalated interferon with ribavarin. Sorry about the spelling. In all three treatments my blood counts dropped so low that I had to be removed from treatment. What is the possiblity of this new drug helping me or is it too late with my now cirrhosed liver.
I haye had 2 weeks intrferrion and riboviren- my Dr's have wanted to take me off chemo due to low white blood count. I am female, non-drinier, thin weight,, age 45, with no liver dmag3e, what do you th8in the chances of clearing the virus after this short of treatment? Thanks- Sandi McKinley [email protected] ps- my start viralload was fluctuating between 520,000-374,000- I am 1a
My daughter has twice gone through Peg-interferon w/ ribavarin series of treatments with poor results. I feel that the self injected dosages may not have been properly done. So, is the telaprevir an oral treatment or injected. Is it necessary to also combine it with the Peg-interferon treatment. She is at a critical stage of advanced cirrhosis and feels the added pain of the Peg-I would be unbearable.