Clinical Trial Software Improves Investigative Site Productivity

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Clinical Trial Software

Bio-Optronics announced that the company would be unveiling Clinical Conductor, a new clinical trial management system.


Clinical Conductor is a web-based CTMS for investigative research sites. The solution manages a research site's entire operations, including studies, staff scheduling, visit scheduling, treatment tracking, sponsor reimbursement, finances, workload planning, recruitment, marketing, internal communications, site calendars, and more.

"Clinical Conductor is the most powerful CTMS available and at the same time, it's affordable, easy to use and scalable," said Bio-Optronics President, Mike Kamish. "Sites using Clinical Conductor will be able to manage their studies more efficiently, leading to significant productivity improvements."

Kamish added, "Staff will never have to data-enter information in more than one place. They'll eliminate the hours now wasted on time-consuming manual efforts. Sites will be empowered to make better decisions to optimize study profitability and maximize the amount of research they conduct. This is truly a groundbreaking solution for clinical researchers."