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Prescription Drugs

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Use Associated With Higher Gastrointestinal Complications

The panel makes recommendations for healthcare providers to use when determining whether to prescribe Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs treatment to their patients.

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Drug Coverage With Lower Costs Than Predicted Last Year

About 38 million people with Medicare, 90 percent of all beneficiaries, are receiving comprehensive prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D, employer sponsored retiree health plans or other creditable coverage.

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U.S. Generic Drugs Significantly Cheaper Than Canadian Drugs

With soaring drug prices an estimated 2 million Americans, mostly uninsured or underinsured seniors, rely on Canada as their source for affordable prescription drugs and online Canadian pharmacy.

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Massachusetts Health Insurance Bill Could Be Decisive Shot in Prescription Drug Revolution

Reference pricing, a prescription drug cost control measure gaining significantly more prominence, could cost branded drug makers $30 to 35 billion in profits over the next three to four years.

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