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Prescription Drugs

Federal Law Allows Some Medicaid Beneficiaries To Receive No-Cost Medications

If Rhode Island moves forward with a plan to impose prescription drug copayments on some Medicaid beneficiaries, the state should promote a federal law that provides no-cost prescription drugs for Medicaid beneficiaries who cannot afford copays, according to advocates for the elderly, low-income and people with disabilities, the Providence Journal reports (Gudrais, Providence Journal, 8/21).

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Medicare Part D Plan Premiums Show Impact of Competition

Due in large part to strong competitive bidding by health and prescription drug plans and beneficiaries' choices, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) anticipates that the actual average premium paid by beneficiaries for standard Part D coverage in 2008 will be roughly $25.

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Monthly Premiums For Medicare Prescription Drug Will Increase To $25

CMS on Monday announced that average monthly premiums for the Medicare drug benefit will increase to $25 in 2008, up from $22 in 2007, the Baltimore Sun reports (Baltimore Sun, 8/14). About 87% of beneficiaries will have access to prescription drug coverage at the same cost or less in 2008 than in 2007, according to CMS (CQ HealthBeat, 8/13). Beneficiaries can access prescription drugs with premiums at the 2007 level by enrolling in a different drug benefit plan during the open enrollment period, which begins Nov. 15 (AP/Detroit Free Press, 8/13).

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