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Prescription Drugs

Use Of Generic Prescription Drugs Prompts Decrease In Inflation

Annual inflation for prescription drug over the past 12 months totaled 1%, a decrease from 4.4% in 2005 and the lowest rate in the past 30 years, according to the Consumer Price Index released on Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor, the New York Times reports (Saul [1], New York Times, 9/21).

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US Adults Spent More Than $9B On Lipitor

U.S. adults in 2004 purchased more than $9 billion -- the most spent on any prescription drug -- of the anti-cholesterol medication Lipitor, followed by $4.7 billion on the anti-cholesterol treatment Zocor, according to a survey released on Wednesday by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Reuters/Los Angeles Times reports. In addition, the survey found that adults in 2004 used $4.2 billion of the ulcer medication Nexium and $2.4 billion on the ulcer treatment Prevacid.

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